Monday, August 3, 2009

I read a lot of blogs

Seriously, I was adding the blogs links to this page today, and wow, I read quite a few. Is this the normal for other people? or do they read more? less? Then again I've never worried about being normal... well that's not entirely true, I just accepted the fact while in highschool that other people didn't think I was quite sane. I could never work out why, but decided to take it as a positive, at least I wasn't boring :)
A bit more of quick catch up of my 52 in 52 already finished projects:
5. Noro Calorimetry

I'm loving this headwear and have found it really does keep your head warm, despite the open back. The designer said it was designed for long hair, but I think it works great with short hair too. Noro Silk Garden about 3/4 skein and on 4mm needles, but made up exactly to the original pattern.

52 in 52

At the beginning of June signed up with a ravelry group called 52 in 52. The idea is to do 52 projects in a year, it can be any fibre related projects, but even though I do spin I decided that my projects will be all knitting or crochet projects.
Here is my progress so far:
1. Rohan's fingerless mitts

2. Babette's massa bag

3. Noro baktus

4. Green wrist warmers

I'll update more tomorrow