Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twilight Saga Obsession - Alice

Here is a cute shot of Alice from New Moon

No. 9 and my mitts copying hers

done with 30 stitches and 4.5mm needles and possum/merino worsted weight yarn.
10rows of 3x3 ribs, then simple slit for thumb in hand portion (stocking stitch) then finish with 10 rows 3x3 ribs

Socks in Handspun

No. 8

"Go with the flow" socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks book, with 2.25mm needles and my own hand spun and jelly dyed merino.

Month Catchup

To prove I have been knitting here's a belated update of my progress to 52in52.
No. 7
Forest Canopy Shawl: in love with this pattern and I chain plyed the merino to keep the beautiful colours separated.

No. 6
Amelia's scarf: it was some coloured roving I purchased online, and was quite dissappointed how bright the colours were, but that was nothing I couldn't deal with because Amelia loved the colours. My problem was that parts of it had felted during the dying process, so I struggled on regardless and made a nice slubby yarn.