Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 20 is a lace scarf I made for my wonderful Mother-In-Law. Nellie's Kernel

The trickiest part of this pattern for me, was the grafting, but as I did a mistake on the first edge I did and I had to do two lots of grafting, I must say I feel pretty confident about it now.
The beads were added with a crochet stitch to a stitch before it is knitted, so that was the way I was used to adding beads. I also think this method is better than pre-threading the beads on the yarn, mainly because it is less wear and tear on the yarn and when the bead is placed it is over a whole stitch which is double thread, which makes the garment sturdier and longer lasting.

The yarn used was spun by me, it was a beautiful hand painted merino top, which made beautiful 2 ply light fingering weight yarn.
This scarf was so beautiful so and delicious, if I wasn't so fond of my MIL I would have kept it for myself! :D