Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lace Flyer Kit

Just thought I’d share a pic of my lace flyer kit I got for my single drive Ashford Traveller. I like spinning fine fine stuff, so was getting a little frustrated with my dear spinning wheel’s slowness. So after looking into purchasing another wheel, I decided to just update the old one I have. It’s funny because the wheel cost me $200 and the flyer kit $250 (incl p&h), but for $450 I have a wonderful wheel that can pretty much spin anything I’m every going to want to spin. Happy button (1)
Now I can spin up to a ratio of 30:1 where I could only do 10:1 before. But what's good the largest ratio on the lace flyer is 11:1, which is slow enough to spin the larger WPI yarn I occasionally want to do. (I have some Merino/Silk that I'm planning to do a good single).
Ashford puts in 50g of 22micron merino, my favourite for spinning, so I'm getting some good practice before I get back into some pale blue merino that I have a nice beaded shawl planned for :)

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